How to give to First Church Online

If you are interested in giving online - Here is a step by step tutorial to help you through this process

1. Click on the link on the homepage


















2.  You will be taken to the Vanco page that will allow you to set up your account and get your offering set up.















3.  Click on create your Online Profile - Once you have answered all the questions - you should click finish/continue and you will be taken to the page to set up your donation. 

4. To set up your donation amount and where it should go, click on add transaction.  This will set up your giving. 





5.  Here is where you will choose the amount and the place the donation should go. 


On this page you will put the dollar amount in the donation box you would like.  At the bottom you will choose how often this donation will come out of your account and on what day.  

**PLEASE NOTE** Donations are not able to be taken out on Saturday and Sunday.  Please choose a day Monday - Friday to have your donation transfered. 

When you are finished hit continue!















6.  My page looks a bit different than what you will see when you hit continue - I have already set up my accounts.  You will be asked to make a decision regarding how you will be doing this transfer - you can you debit or credit card - or you checking account.  Make the decision that works best for you!  Once you have put your financial information in, click to indicate your not a robot and then click process.  You will recieve a confirmation of your donation.  I

I did a practice donation the first time to see if it worked - then I did my weekly donation.   I always have to try things out! 
















6.  If you need any help with this - Pleae email me